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For those who like to swim, this is the perfect pool: a tropical environment with mosaic decorations, a pool bar for a cold/hot drink,comfortable chaise-longues and a Budda Bhar atmosphere, and an unground relaxing area with Saline, Salt Bath and Steam Sauna. The view is fullfilled with the image of the hills and mountains, and so is the roof, because of the open space windows that can be the limit between the sky and the water. On summer time you can stay outside for a sunbathing and drink a cold limonade.

Swimming Pool

Water temperature : between 28 – 30 degrees all year long
Lenght 21 meters
Width 16 meters
Depth from 80 cm to 180 cm


Water temperature: between 35-37C degrees
Capacity: 16 persons
Hot water in wich you can relax your body, where the bubbles make you feel very energized.


With a capacity of 24 persons and 75C degrees, the dry sauna can purify the organism by working with high temperature and organic elements every time you need. Relaxing and healthcare, enjoy!

Salt Pool

Capacity: 35 persons
Temperature: between 35-37 C degrees

Steam room

Capacity: 15 people
Temperature: 55-65 C degrees


A currative place made by salt, it can purify your lungs and your throat. Made by different types of salt, a salt fountain, ambiental sounds or colours to relax and cure your mind and your body.

Spa treatments and facilities.

We believe that nature is the ultimate source of beauty.

Dry Sauna



Steam Sauna

Salt Baths

Outdoor Solarium